OKR Implementation

Lean Performance developed a proprietary methodology for OKR implementation, divided in 4 steps:

  • Preparation
  • Training
  • OKR Planning
  • Follow Through


Lean Performance will meet with the client team in advance to understand the context, stage and challenges of the organization (2-hour in depth discussion), in order to customize the program for their specific needs.


During this step Lean Performance will conduct one training session about the OKR framework and how to select performance metrics:

  • The training session will be conducted through an onsite interactive workshop, comprised of both lectures and group activities, including one case study.
  • Leveling material will be provided in advance as a required reading for the participants in order to guarantee the workshop effectiveness.
  • The workshop will last 4 hours with up to 25 participants.

OKR Planning

Lean Performance will facilitate joint OKR Planning sessions with client where the OKRs will be developed:

  • During the session, the executive team will define high level (board level) annual OKRs.
  • From the annual OKRs, each team will define a set of quarterly OKRs that contribute to the annual OKRs.
  • The OKR Planning session will last 4 hours, with up to 25 participants.

Follow Through

The goal of the last step is to perpetuate change and to make sure the client benefits from OKR. Three initiatives will be implemented:

  • Change Agents: OKR Champions

Our approach includes the education of a team of OKR Champions, that act as change agents and internal coaches for the adoption of OKR, metric selection and results tracking.

  • Rituals and Ceremonies

Setting a management system with clear rituals to track results is key to make OKR part of the culture of each selected company.

OKR tracking template. Lean Performance will provide a template for OKR tracking.

  • Check-ins and Coaching

During the first quarter after the initial OKR Planning session, Lean Performance will schedule regular remote check-ins with the client team to answer questions, track progress on their OKRs and to help them remove any impediments that may be preventing the team to achieve results.