Migrating from Activities to Value-based OKRs

When starting with Value-based OKRs, it is very common to get stuck listing activities as Key Results.

To convert those activities into value, think about what would be the consequences of being successful with this task. What would be the desired outcomes?

Some teams find this simple tool to be useful to identify the desired outcomes, especially when first dealing with value-based OKRs:

If we are successful with ________,

we will have more ________  and/or less __________


If we are successful with the new campaign

we will have more customer satisfaction (NPS) and/or less churn.

Remember that this is just an example, there is no need to include both positive (things you want more of) and negative metrics (things you want less of).

Below is a list of examples ofActivity-based Key Results and the equivalent Value-based Key Results.

Activity-based Key Results

Value-Based Key Results

  • Create engagement program
  • Improve employee engagement survey results from X to Y
  • Develop 3 new landing pages
  • Generate X MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads).
  • Increase lead conversion from X to Y.
  • Reduce CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) from X to Y
  • Launch new product
  • Reach 500,000 Daily Active Users of the free version.
  • Achieve 5% conversion rate from free to paid users.
  • Achieve a Net Promoter Score of 35%.